Why early morning sex is better than midnight sex

Morning Wood Is the Best


Sex is great. There is no other way around that statement.

However, people who love it can be divided into two large groups: those who prefer morning sex, and those who are against it. We are here today to convince the latter why morning sex is better.


First order of business — there is nothing like that morning wood. There’s something irresistible about the fact that men wake up ready to do the work. It is just a shame not to grab the opportunity when it’s staring right into your face.


 Morning sex lovers can back up this claim. The firmness of the penis in the morning can’t be compared with any of the erections that happen during the day. They don’t call it “Morning glory” for nothing.


Science can back this up. Namely, in the morning, men have higher testosterone levels, which makes them more energetic in bed.


Morning Sex Energizes People


Why wake up with the alarm that triggers your anxiety as soon as you open your eyes when there is a better option for waking up?


Nothing says good morning as morning sex does. If done right, it gives you the energy you need to go through the day with a smile on your face. There are so many benefits of morning sex, but to name a few:


  • It releases both endorphins and oxytocin, making you happy early in the morning
  • Instant stress reliever
  • Gives you that morning glow and makes you look younger
  • Good for both your brain and immune system
  • Keeps the relationship fresh and more intimate


Imagine coming to work full of energy, not stressing about that early meeting. If you ask us, that’s the dream. Caution: your colleagues will probably know the reason why. Don’t mind them; they are jealous for not getting laid.

You Are Not Tired From Work


Be honest. How many times have you said, “Oh, I would love to have sex, but I’m just too tired”? Or worse, how many times have you heard that same sentence from your significant other? Too many to count, right?


That is one of the many morning sex pros — you are not tired from work. Maybe you are feeling sleepy and groggy, but when that first wave of tiredness passes, you will be full of energy and ready to perform.


It is not just that you are not tired from work, but just the opposite — by doing it in the morning you will be more efficient at your day job.


Forget about the feeling of exhaustion that comes after a long day at the office, wishing you had the strength for sex, but there is no energy left in you. With the morning sex, there is no such thing.


Hormones Are High in the Morning


The role of the hormones is like a wake-up clock in the morning. It is their way to tell you to get up. Cortisol and testosterone are the highest in the morning. The role of cortisol (also known as the “stress hormone”) is to regulate blood sugar, metabolism, etc. 


But the one that has to do with sex is testosterone, which is highest at the start of the day, immediately after waking up. This increase is responsible for that morning erection. Morning wood is a completely normal thing to happen (even without any stimulation). It is a sign of a functioning body.


Many people don’t know this, but men experience erections between three and five times during the night, thanks to testosterone. That same testosterone is responsible for waking up male sexual desire.


There is also one hormone that gets produced during sex, called oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.”


Builds Immune System and Produce Happy Hormones


We have mentioned the love hormone that our body produces during sex. But, that same hormone gets produced during hugging, that is why it’s called the love hormone. It is known to help with depression and anxiety, so if that is not the reason for morning sex… 


The second hormone that is produced is dopamine, responsible for all that enjoyment during sex. But, the brain releases it only during orgasm, so try to do your best.


If that is not enough, morning sex is amazing for your immune system. It helps the production of an antibody called Immunoglobulin A. We don’t want to get too medical, but basically the more sex, the healthier you are. 


Also, are you having a hard time with your memory? Well, morning sex has another benefit and that is boosting your brain, so you can go through the day feeling energized. 


Alternative for Exercise and Coffee


The scenario where you get up, wash your face, get your clothes, go to the gym, and spend at least one hour there, just to get that morning burst of energy is a bit far-fetched, especially during the winter. It’s seven Am! Why would you want to leave your warm bed and work out?


We have another workout routine on our mind — morning sex. You sweat, lose calories, tighten your muscles while staying in bed (or wherever you like it) having fun — and orgasms. It is a no-brainer situation for us.


Some of you can’t function without that first cup of coffee. But, what if we told you that morning sex will wake you up, even better than coffee? It takes longer to make coffee, wait for it to get cold, and then drink it than it takes to have sex. Sleep longer, have morning sex — that is the dream.

Author: Charles Thomas