How the material used in Glass Dildos help with the overall experience?

Glass dildos are a charm. They amaze you with their solid girth and their powerful thickness can drive you crazy with heightened erotic pleasure like no other. On top of that, glass dildos look simply gorgeous. Once you use the glass toy, you can’t stop raving about how awesome it feels.

The star of the glass dildo is the material itself- the glass. It’s the “glass” quotient that enhances the overall experience of using the toy. You must be curious to know more about it by now? Well, the post below offers a brief on how amazing glass dildos are.

Glass is smooth

A glass dildo boasts a super-smooth surface which assures easy penetration inside. It does not have unwanted rough edges or nicks that might rub against your delicate skin and cause friction. All you would need to do is to warm it up with some lube and it will go inside like a dream.

Amazing temperature play

This is something you will hardly get with most of the other dildos out there.

Glass dildos are just fantastic for an invigorating temperature play. If regular dildo sessions seem to be boring for you, you can add new flavor to them by introducing temperature play. The sensation of hot and cold at your delicate areas is immensely stimulating and enhances your O-game big time. But for that, you need a material that can withstand extreme hot and cold temperature. And glass fits the bill perfectly here.

Compatible with all kinds of lubes

This is another great advantage of using glass dildos.

Unlike many other dildo materials, glass is easily compatible with any kind of lube. You need to maintain certain restrictions while choosing lubes for some dildo materials. For example, if you have a silicone dildo, you can’t use silicone lube. But, you have no such worries with a glass toy. Moreover, being a non-porous material, glass doesn’t tend to absorb liquids. It means, with glass dildos, your lubes will always last longer.

Strong and powerful

There is a misconception that glass dildos might be prone to breakage for the very fact that they are made from borosilicate glass. But, that’s not the fact. It’s to stress here that glass dildos are strategically manufactured from medical-grade borosilicate glass that makes them highly durable. You won’t have to worry about breakage when the dildo is thrusting inside you.

Gorgeous toys

Glass dildos simply look stunning. In fact, most of the artistic dildos in the market are made of glass only. Some of the glass dildos are so beautiful that they can be easily passed on artsy showpieces for your center table.

Perks of using glass dildos

  • Body-safe

One of the best reasons to use glass dildos is that glass is a body-safe material. Glass is a non-porous material. Hence, unlike porous materials, glass doesn’t harbor fungi or bacteria and eliminates risks of bacterial or fungal infection from dildos. Aside from being safe, they are also beautiful just like the glass dildos at

  • Solid girth

Glass dildos are thick in terms of structure. Thus, when you are craving for some solid hardness down under, you need not look further than glass dildos. Their strong girth rewards you with intense stimulation every time you get a thrust- which eventually leads you to ethereal orgasmic delights.

  • Easy to clean

It’s very easy to clean and sterilize glass dildos. All you will have to do is to put it in boiling water for some minutes and it would be good to use. You can also clean it with soapy water or adult toy cleaners. In other words, glass is a very compatible material.

  • Lasting and economical

There is no denying of the fact that glass dildos demand a higher price-point compared to regular dildos. But if you look at the bigger picture you will realize the high price is worth it- and also the toy is rather an economical option.

As mentioned previously, glass dildos are strong and durable. Thus, they will last for a longer time compared to other dildos, probably a lifetime. It implies, if you invest in a glass dildo, you won’t have to get a new dildo every now and then. Just imagine how much money that would save!

  • Strategic design

Glass dildos feature amazing curvatures that are strategically placed to hit just at right spots. Whether you want G-spot stimulation or clit stimulation, glass dildos are amazing. They are also great for P-stimulation in men. So, whether you are a woman or a man, you will always enjoy glass dildos.

Tips to buy glass dildos

Based on the discussion above, you must be all set by now to get your own glass dildo. Well, thanks to the high end popularity of these toys, the adult toy market is flooded with glass dildos as of now. But then, not any such toy would be suitable for you. There are several things to consider while buying a glass dildo. Remember, a glass dildo calls for sizeable investment and hence you should be very careful about the toy you buy.

First of all, if you have never used a glass dildo before, you should always go for  a smaller size. You will find glass dildos in sets of 3-4 which are a good option. These sets come with dildos with varying sizes so that you can start with the smallest one and gradually move upward in size as you gather experience over time.

Then, you should also make sure that the dildo you are taking to is specifically made of clinical-standard borosilicate glass to ensure a durable and hygienic option.

Don’t just settle with the first glass dildo you come across online. Always make sure to run a comparative survey on at least 5-6 options before you make the final call. Check expert reviews and user ratings before making a decision. your chosen one should be from a highly reputed adult toy brand, backed by rave reviews and long list of happy users.

Be flexible to pay a standard price, lest you might have to compromise on quality.

Author: Charles Thomas